H/Box is suitable for both children, goods transportation and as an artisan bike. It is possible to paint the box black, red, light blue, green, yellow or cream. Other options include a door, propstand, canopy, bench, folding seat. The box has the same dimensions as Light.

The images above show the model with additional options and equipment, selected from the list below.

Max load:max 100 kg + driver.
Boxdimensions:88 x 62 x 50/36 cm.
Box:9 mm waterproof plywood.
Totalwidth:87 cm.
Totallength:208 cm.
Weight:38 kg.
Frontframe:Matt black coated aluminium.
Rearframe:Matt black galvanized steel frame. The crank is aluminium, and the bearings are enclosed in cassette. The chain is galvanized.
Wheel:Black double-bottomed aluminum rims 24" x 1.75. Front hub is aluminium with deep groove ball-bearings. Raceguard tires. 2.3 mm stainless spokes.
Brakes:Mechanic disc brakes on front wheels. Hand brake with included parking function.
Fenders:24" stainless steel.


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